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Monetizing User Behavior and Patterns

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What does it take for an organization to effectively monitor their security cameras? Consider an innocent mistake or a deliberate action, how would you detect security system failures or malfunctions? Is there any type of frequency or pattern to the failures? How do you solve such problems today?

The ability for enterprises to effectively process a great surplus of CCTV footage is a daunting if not impossible task. Watching and monitoring multiple security cameras while responding in real time is extremely complicated.

Avocado Enterprise 3.0 has been developed for mid size organizations, large enterprises and governmental agencies. With full integration to back office infrastructure, we are meeting the industry’s need for a unified Security and Business Intelligence platform.

Avocado Security has developed numerous APIs and libraries to support your existing security investment, DVRs, legacy systems, IP and mega pixel cameras, and in case you have a mix of analog. In addition, if equipment is misaligned, disconnected or malfunctioning, our product’s technology can instantly send alerts about the recent malfunction. This aspect of Avocado’s system ensures that adjustments can be made to the security system almost immediately.

Avocado Enterprise 3.0;

With a user friendly dashboard, Avocado Security’s award winning solution automates the way millions of CCTV security camera images are viewed. There is no longer the need to babysit security cameras, all day, every day watching CCTV footage. Avocado automates routine security tasks in order to optimize the overall security operation.

A key advantage of Avocado Security’s technology is the conversion of security camera images to graphs, charts and business metrics, The easily read statistical analysis results in streamlined security management. Security guards are not obliged to track security events by staring at the monitor. Graphs and charts along with security policy will alert the guard to pay attention to a specific event when it is required. The graphs, charts and statistical representation will ultimately result in freeing guards to effectively manage the rest of their operation.

Avocado Security gives you both
The Power To See What Can’t Be Seen…

Avocado Security’s platform enables you to access, manage and combine your physical security with operational intelligence. The platform is beneficial for each location of a business or an entire organization, centralized under one umbrella. By enabling security / business intelligence information and sharing across the organization, Avocado Security provides a web based On-Demand service. This, along with a pioneering video optimization and a state-of-the art data center, helps increase your organization’s productivity, security and business continuity.

Avocado Security translates your security camera footage into meaningful charts, data, statistics, graphs and gauges. Statistical information serves to improve security, safety, operation, and helps to reduce security operation costs. Avocado Security automates how to manage and monitor an individual security system. Automatic alerts are also made if a camera or DVR is disabled either intentionally or by accident, whether it is in one location, or across multiple locations or regions.

Join us for a webinar and see how Avocado Security can benefit your organization, help you to reduce cost, improve security and turn your cameras to money making machines.

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