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  • Do you have multiple security cameras and DVRs scattered across a campus, city or the globe?
  • Do you need to centrally view, manage, and configure your entire security infrastructure?
  • Do you have a heterogeneous environment; a mix of multiple brands?
  • - Then no problem. Let Avocado consolidate them all;
Avocado Consolidator unites DVRs, Analog and IP Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and Encoders, through the Open Architecture Convergence platform (OAC), providing a single user interface, bolstering Enterprise security, reducing costs, and optimizing operation.
"Multiple Analog Cameras, IP Cameras, and DVRs. One Platform, Single user Interface, One Unified Viewing"
Consolidate and Extend the Life of your DVRs.
We understand the challenges organizations face today in managing disparate surveillance technologies. Organizations with multiple locations or buildings have to manage multiple DVRís and cameraís. Whether you own one of the popular brands listed above or a thousand in a heterogeneous security environment, how do you manage your entire environment? If you are like most of our customers, you manage each independently.
The decentralized nature of this ecosystem drives up the maintenance and operations cost. Avocadoís Consolidator unifies your ecosystem into a single management console, providing a consolidated view of your enterprise and assets. Avocado Consolidator provides organizations with the ability to centrally view:
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance/Repair log
  • GeoMaps for instant visualization of assets across enterprise
  • Active reports on the health of your infrastructure (Cameraís, DVRís, ect.)
  • Storage Management
  • Remote Viewing
  • Unified User Interface (GUI) for the entire Enterprise
Manages your enterprise with Avocado NVR software
Unlike what is perceived, not all IP cameras use the same IP protocols. How do you effectively manage various megapixel cameras, video servers, IP class PTZ cameras manufactured by one or multiple vendors?

IP video management with open platform, ease of use and powerful modules are just a start for Avocado Security's NVR software. Easily install on any off-the-shelf server and manage 64 cameras from one server or bring together multiple servers and security cameras across a campus. It includes an interoperability platform with remote monitoring, user friendly web interface

NVR software
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