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IP Video Management Suite,
Enterprise Software
Forget restrictive security. Unlike what is perceived, not all IP cameras use the same IP protocols. How do you effectively manage various megapixel cameras, video servers, and IP class PTZ cameras manufactured by one or multiple vendors? Whether you need to manage one or a thousand IP cameras, for your Multi-site Multi-server environment, you need a Superior Technology: Avocado's enterprise class IP Video Management suite.
Failover & Global Asset Centralized
High Availability Federation Management Management
High Availability is a critical element in any security system. Avocado provides failover, risk management , and ensures business continuity with additional capabilities; such as Multicast and Multistream, with advanced security components including Encryption and SSL. Avocado Security's Global Federation enables secure sharing of physical security information between trusted DVR partners across an extranet. Avocado Security is the only provider of an advanced Digital Certificate based video Watermark technology, using US government FIPS 140-2 approved algorithm. Successful security operation requires knowledge of an organization's security assets. However, a security team cannot afford to manually verify each malfunctioning security device. Avocado provides cost control to help establish credibility of security assets throughout the operation. A Multi-server Multi-site operation requires more than just centralized management. Avocado Security's comprehensive centralized management capabilities include live monitoring, reporting security calls, playback, SAN's class backup, and alert escalation in Real-time. Manage the entire operation locally or remotely with full administrative rights, and predefined access rights
Enterprise Scalability
Accelerating your company's growth requires a Value Driven solution meeting your security requirements today, while offering a practical platform to effectively meet future scalability. Avocado Security unifies multiple technologies to provide you with an optimized security solution, and helps you to leverage your existing investments.
You may have hundreds of IP Cameras scattered in your Multi-server Multi-site operation. Avocado Security's powerful suite delivers a platform with Unified Viewing and Centralized Management through a Single user-friendly Interface, optimizing your operation.
Optimized Operation
Automatically convert security camera images to graphs, charts, and meaningful metrics in order to improve security, optimize operation, and reduce costs. The above "Hybrid NVMS" view shows how easily various cameras, DVRs, and servers from multiple manufactures at different sites across the globe can be unified by Avocado, ultimately improving operation.
Are you planning to add unique applications that are important to your operation? No problem. Avocado Security's Open Architecture Platform (OAC) is an interoperability platform that enables you to add License Plate Recognition (LPR), Video Wall, Video Analytics, Live Guard Monitoring, Business Intelligence, 3rd party applications, and other technologies to Avocado Security's IP Video Management suite.
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