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Who is Monitoring your cameras for YOU…?
Do not take chances with your security. Introducing, Patent-Pending security monitoring service from Avocado Security.
Traditionally, you need to have "someone" to manually watch the cameras, making sure security cameras are actually working, DVRs are recording, and the whole security system is not falling asleep. Automate
with Avocado Watchman
You no longer need to babysit your security cameras. Automate your video alarms with Avocado Watchman who intelligently keeps track of your security system performance, failures, intrusions, activities and more.
Camera Blocked Avocado Watchman

Includes Free Health
Monitoring software
View Tampered
Power Lost
Video Corrupted
Focus Tampered
Internet Down!
The above are just a small sample of your daily security challenges. Here are Avocado Watchman makes benefits for you;
  1. Reduce cost,
  2. Improve efficiency,
  3. Better allocation of resources
  4. Streamline your operation
  5. Improve your security posture
  6. All at a fraction of what you spend today
Official Release Date: 4th Quarter, 2010
Next Steps;
Save Time, Improve efficencies, Extend your Investment and Reduce Costs
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